We’ve hit the week mark! One week until I embark on this adventure finally! I’ll be boarding a plane and actually going to this place to hug the necks of these people you’ve been hearing so much about and I’ve been preparing for so long for! It sounds a bit cliche to say this but in a few ways it holds true, so much of my life has been setting me up and preparing me for this mid term mission! When I was in 8th grade and God so strongly impressed the people of India on my heart, when I had just turned 15 and I looked a girl in the eyes of the same age that experienced tragedy I couldn’t even fathom and promised I’d return, when next year I returned and got to hug her neck, God knew. When I was asked to lead student worship on a week to week basis…and was absolutely terrified, he knew what a big part music would play in this internship where part of my job description is a daily worship time and devotional and teaching the women to express themselves creatively.

For me this was an easy yes! God said go and looking back at everything leading up to this it was easy to say “SEND ME!” I’m so thankful for everyone else that said yes to their calling by supporting me and this cause financially, hosting prayer nights or simply just praying when this crossed your mind, or said an encouraging word in passing or posted on facebook. If  you hadn’t said yes to things that seemed silly or random I wouldn’t be getting on a plane in a week! I’m so glad we serve a God of details who gave us each different gifts, resources, and hearts, that when we work for the glory of his kingdom we help each other out. We need each other!

At a winter retreat when I was in 7th grade my small group leader was a college student who had just graduated and gotten back from her senior mission trip to Kolkota! She served at mother theresa’s and worked at some aftercare homes during her trip! She spoke with such passion and love for these people and this cause that I listened to her for hours! I was so inspired by the heart she had for this! I can’t imagine what my life would look like if she had said no to that calling. I can’t imagine what my life would look like if I had said no!

Why do we say no so often? Time? Money? Energy? Resources? Fear? Doubt? Age? I’ve definitely used all these excuses and more once or twice and it sounds kinda silly telling God he can’t use me because I’m a little busy this week or I’d rather go to chickfila again then click on that GoFund me link for a friend’s mission trip. We serve a God of miracles and provision first of all that always provides a way. If he has clearly called you to something you will be financially provided for, your visa will be approved, or whatever it is. He doesn’t change his mind when he’s made clear how to share the gospel and grow the kingdom. Now that isn’t to say it’s always the easiest or most comfortable way to live but it is possible and you will thrive in him.

I’m not saying I’m some kind of hero or super Christian because I’ll be living overseas for a little bit. In fact most days I feel exact opposite and there are plenty of no’s I regret. I’m not needed to accomplish the work that needs done over there, but I am honored to have been chosen to be even a small part of it. We’re all chosen to be apart of spreading the power of the gospel. I’ve learned though that if I say no God will still accomplish what he set out to do. I’m not hindering the Lord’s plans in any way, but I so desperately want to be apart of them, that’s something I do not want to have chosen to miss out on.

I can’t wait to share stories with you all and ask for your continuous prayer and support! I ask that you pray to that God would be clear on what your next step is and then I’ll be praying that you say yes! Your yes not only affects your personal walk and growth but the walks of your brother’s and sisters! I can’t wait to go share the gospel in another language to a people I’ve slowly fallen in love with and I’m so glad there’s so many apart of this who have fallen in love with this place and this cause too! Love you all and I can’t wait to write again from India!!!! ONE WEEK!


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