Sing your song, dance your dance, tell your tale

Wow. Where to begin? We’ve been working at Jewels in a crown these last few days doing a worship art workshop. Everything from singing, to dancing, to painting, to boomwhackers and percussion games, to bible art journaling, to making cross art out of trash has gone on this week. It’s been amazing to see these ladies, freed from slavery, living in the freedom of Christ learning all sorts of ways. I’ve never worshipped like this before, I’ve never felt so connected to my brothers and sisters in Christ while leading worship then I have this week. The Lord is working in the hearts of these ladies as we get to be a small part of watching them prepare to testify and share the love and freedom Christ brings for themselves with those around them. This has been by far the best trip I’ve ever been on. We’ve written a song with the ladies and it’s all their words, their thoughts and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. While we were having songwriting session yesterday I just wept as I listened to them talk. I express myself through song, I’ve grown up performing, I’ve been writing  since junior high, it’s how I share with God and others what’s on my heart, and the way these ladies were doing just that so spoke to my heart. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. These words came straight from them. This is their story, what they want the world to know about JIAC, Jesus, and themselves and I’m so honored to be even a small part of this.

I can’t even describe everything that’s happened and how all the Lord has showed up but its been the best trip so far I’ve ever been on. The ladies are so joyful and so funny. One girl, when I was telling her I’ll be back for her in January, told me, I’ll go back to America, get married, have four kids and them come back, it’s been a running joke with the ladies now. They’ll just come up to me and show me the number four on their hands giggle and walk off. It’s so fun to have these memories with these ladies and get to come back and spend an extended amount of time. I’m so excited to have gotten to know them and be able to pray for them, and then come back and see how those prayers have been answered. Wow, what a cool oppurtunity. As I was learning to make chai with one of the staff members today she was saying no other intern has had that oppurtunity. So cool how God is preparing me.

Last night we had the most incredible worship night with the team, the family who lives here as full time missionaries, and their really cool interns. Tonight we ordered in Chinese and had a movie night. This trip is just so fun. It’s been hard work but God has made it so enjoyable. 

Tomorrow we go to an Indian recording studio (Yay!) and record the new song!! So stinkin excited!!! Thanks so much for your prayers!!!!


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  1. Barb Feese · July 18, 2015

    So excited to follow and pray for your ministry. Know God is excited too as He watches you walking in His plan for your life. Can’t wait to hear the new song!!!

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